About Us

Integrated Audio, Lighting, AV & Streaming Solutions

We’re a talented team of passionate individuals who engineer ideas and push boundaries when it comes to the imagination; working with you to breathe life into your brand, through the multifaceted mediums of mood music, digital signage, customised Radio and Television, as well as branded Radio and Television.


Over 15 years down the line, Fresco Sounds have become market leaders; from scriptwriting to cutting edge software allowing for quick turn around and highly efficient services of their clients. Audio and video installations, background music, instore or in-house radio and digital signage solutions from content creation right through to content management. Fresco Sounds is on the pulse when it comes to the platform of animation, instore corporate TV through to instore radio, upselling your products to your clients to ensure that we increase your sales.

Servicing your sonic branding, we ensure that your patrons and personnel, experience the essence of your brand through audio-visual artistry and sensory stimulation.

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