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What is brand activation?

The phrase essentially refers to the process of making your brand known to people, increasing awareness and engagement through some kind of brand experience.

Think about when you first start a business. Nobody knows who you are and they sure as hell aren’t aware of your brand. Your brand is effectively lifeless. Dead. And it needs to be ‘activated’ before it can be of any use.

But it doesn’t just apply to new brands. If a business wants to rebrand itself it can’t just make a few changes and hope people notice. It needs to go through the process of switching people’s minds over to the new brand and making them aware of it.

Isn’t that just brand marketing?

Sort of, yes. Except it specifically refers to the process of getting your brand from one state to another, better, state. Whereas brand marketing is the all-encompassing ongoing process of promoting and maintaining your company’s brand.

A brand activation is any campaign, event, or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service. Activations, often inclusive and interactive, ignite the fire that will light the way for people to find your product and align with your purpose.

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Activate your brand to activate your audience.

Fresco Sounds Brand Activation’s are about coming to your audience and letting them know in a memorable way who you are and why they should support you. We generate enthusiasm beyond the moment and leads to action on behalf of your consumers. It’s a matter of reaching the right audience in the right moment in a way that speaks to them.

We have successfully done activations for Redstar Agency, Edward Snell, CODE, MTN, Cell C, Telkom and various other happy customers.


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