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Integrated Audio, Lighting, AV & Streaming Solutions

Fresco Sounds is a Live Event Sound company from Welkom with years of industry experience. We specialise in the consultation, design and installation of audio-visual, professional audio, public address and voice evacuation systems. Over recent years we have worked with many high profile customers throughout Africa and provided our customers with a wide array of audio solutions.


We are passionately committed to working with our customers to ensure we meet their system requirements with quality products, excellent installations and first class after-sales service.

Fresco Sounds are one of South Africa’s best known suppliers, designers and installers of commercial and industrial sound systems. Founded in 2014, we use years of experience to provide systems that best meet our customers’ needs and budgets, using the most suitable equipment and ensuring excellent installation quality.

The Fresco Sounds group present four singular advantages to any project:

Maximisation of product capability
Economy of specification
Legislative Compliance
Defining the eventual success of any project, Fresco Sounds continues to best serve the needs of its clients through our specialised and cost-effective approach. By developing, designing, calibrating and carefully considering all details, Fresco Sounds endeavours to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Our Philosophy

Professional and honest advice is key to the integrity of our company
Excellent customer service and support is paramount to us building the long-term relationships we would like with all our customers
Understanding our customers’ needs and paying attention to the details ensures we are able to install systems that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
Using quality products to build quality systems extends our systems’ longevity and builds our customers’ loyalty
Competitively priced equipment and service ensures our customers get the best value for money possible
Continuous development of our technical knowledge, remaining on top of technological advances within our industry and employing and training the right staff, means our customers can truly receive a superior service – our ultimate aim for Fresco Sounds!

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