Keeping the kids entertained at your Wedding.

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Nanny Service for the young kiddies at your Wedding

We all know the frustration of little kids running around at a wedding reception especially during the official part of any wedding ceremony.

We have partnered with Activkids SA who will attend to your guest kiddies while the official part of the ceremony/celebrations is on the way.

Activkids aim to give children a jump on learning essential motor and coordination skills, and to develop core social & teamwork skills. We strive for excellence

We play, learn, discover, experiment, get dirty while having a blast! 

Activkids will keep the little ones busy with:

  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Cupcakes
  • Videos
  • Painting
  • or discuss your preferred requirements with us

Please note this will only be for a maximum of 4 (Four) hours. Therefore activity start and ending times must be carefully selected.

Please ensure that you bring old clothes with, please Mom we might get some paint on our new clothes.

For More information complete the form below or contact us at or Call Us on 0724172628

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